Sharing Parish

Establish people to people relationships between designated parishes, in order to promote cultural understanding, mutual support, and to heighten awareness of the catholicity of the Church.

Pat Mullaney

The goal of the Sharing Parish Ministry is for parishioners to be filled with zeal for the Body of Christ beyond their own parish borders, so that they get to know individuals and groups from the twinning parish and develop ways by which the two parishes can help and serve each other.


  1. Establish coordinating committee which will interface with a similar team from a sharing parish.
  2. Explore ways to share the riches of the gospel and gifts each parish possess.
  3. Develop strategies for each parish getting to know the others style of discipleship, parish structures, strengths and needs.
  4. Work out ways for leaders of like-ministries in each parish to be in touch, in order to find ways for parish interaction.