Racial and Ethnic Sensitivity

Forward the mission of the Church, “to gather people of every race, language and way of life to share in the one eternal banquet”.


Promote racial understanding and create a spirit of welcome and inclusion for racial minorities within our parish and community so as to make God’s church throughout our community a sign of unity and an instrument of His peace.


  1. Establish committee to provide representation on the commission, leadership succession, and implementation of mission, goal and objectives.
  2. Learn about what racism is in the 21st Century, and how to acknowledge and eradicate it within ourselves, within parish life, and in the wider community.
  3. Inform the parish at large on racial and ethnic issues.
  4. Join in the public debate and strategies of the racial justice division of the Archdiocesan Office for Peace and Justice  when moral issues of racism are at stake.
  5. Provide opportunities for parishioners to take meaningful and effective action on local, city, national and global racial issues.
  6. Collaborate with other ministries to accomplish the goals of this ministry.