Peace and Justice

As a faith community commissioned by baptism and confirmation and nourished by Eucharist, we strive to recognize the God-given dignity and unique value of every human being coupled with the rich heritage of Catholic social teachings.


Make social justice an integral part of Christian discipleship.


  1. Establish coordinating committee that provides leadership succession, and implementation of mission, goal and objectives.
  2. Educate the parish community about Catholic social teachings.
  3. Raise awareness of current social issues and join in the public debate when moral issues are at stake, especially those pertaining to the poor and vulnerable.
  4. Offer training and seminars to bring about systemic change in social structures.
  5. Provide opportunity for parishioners to take meaningful and effective action on local and global peace and justice efforts.
  6. Collaboration with other ministries to accomplish the goals of this ministry.

The Office for Peace and Justice – Archdiocese of Chicago