Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Parish?

Visit the office and fill out a registration form.  More information will be given to you at that time.

How Do I Schedule a Baptism?

Baptisms are usually scheduled on the first and third Sundays of the Month, with some seasonal exceptions.  You must come into the office, meet a staff person, fill out a form. Baptisms are for registered parishioner families only, unless with a letter of permission from the parish you are attending. Parents’ attendance at one preparation session is required.

How many godparents/sponsors may I have?

You may have one man and one woman, but not two of one gender.  Some traditions’ ceremonies have many sponsors, generally only two are put into the official record.

How Do I Schedule a Wedding?

Please call the church office at least six months ahead to set the date and make arrangements.  Bride or groom must be a member of St. Julian Eymard Parish.  You can look ahead to  www.familyministries.org   and see the ten steps for engaged couples from the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Department of Family Ministries.

How do I schedule a Funeral?

Arrangements may be made in person or through the local funeral director.  Please take the time and occasion to meet with our Bereavement Ministers, who will shepherd you through the process of preparing the Prayers, Scripture Readings, and Music for the funeral liturgy.

What about visitation to the sick?

Please call at once.  Rarely Father is away for more than 24 hours;  so we encourage timely visitation for the Sacraments of the Sick (Anointing and Viaticum) for the aging and homebound, as soon as injury or serious illness occurs, and before any surgery or hospital procedure.  Our Ministers of Care will visit the sick in hospitals, care facilities, and the homebound regularly, –upon notification to us by a family member.       Church Office phone: 847-956-0130.